About Oversee

Oversee is an award-winning information system designed to support maritime organisations in implementing their safety, security, and environmental protection responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

Oversee is a one-stop shop for maritime operations centre activities, providing unprecedented situational awareness through data fusion, risk anticipation and machine learning techniques. Oversee’s easy-to-use interface has been designed to facilitate efficient and collaborative decision-making, fast situational responses and cost-effective resource optimisation.

Oversee provides software solutions for the following key maritime areas:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
  • Environmental Monitoring and Protection

As part of Oversee’s continual development programme, CRITICAL Software has signed a cooperation agreement with the Portuguese Navy, taking advantage of its extensive operational expertise and experience, with the goal of researching and developing new technologies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of maritime operations.

Oversee is a multiple award-winning product, known for its technological innovation amongst maritime professionals. CRITICAL Software was nominated for recognition at the SmartOcean 2012 event, held in Galway, Ireland, in the innovative company category, for its development of Oversee. The award distinguishes companies for their technological innovations that provide global economic advantages to the maritime industry.

Oversee was also the recipient of the ‘Best Technical Innovation’ award at SAR Europe 2014, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and again at SAR Europe 2015, in Portsmouth, UK. In granting the award to CRITICAL Software, the 2015 jury stated that: “Oversee improves rescue co-ordination staff’s efficiency in responding to SAR incidents, providing a very intuitive system that builds and merges the systems already available to Rescue Co-ordination Centres, enabling them to be more efficient and effective in responding to SAR alerts. The system is a huge leap forward in the management of SAR incidents.”

About CRITICAL Software

CRITICAL Software provides systems, software and data engineering services for safety, mission and business-critical applications, helping to ensure clients meet the most demanding quality standards for safety, performance and reliability. Its data engineering products and services also provide clients with the information they need to manage their important assets, helping them to achieve better business performance.

CRITICAL Software’s core competencies cover a wide range of areas, including system planning and analysis, system design, verification, development, integration and maintenance. The company has been operating in mature markets since 1998, with NASA its first client, and has offices in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany and USA.

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